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Since the start of the war on terror, we have sent over 40,000 boxes of food and toiletries to our troops overseas.  On the other side is a list of items that are needed by our troops.  The troops often carry everything with them, so please collect travel-sized items.


We will gratefully accept the following item donations as well as monetary donations to help defray the cost of the postage to send the boxes to our dedicated troops serving around the world. The average cost of postage for care packages is about $11.95 per box.


You may contact our care package facility directly at the number below or our administrative office at 216-265-3680. Or refer to our web site for a drop-off location nearest you.


Thank you for supporting our troops!




Health and Wellness


Men’s Deodorant                                                                      Toothbrushes

Mouthwash (travel size/no glass)                                         Batteries (all sizes)

Dental floss                                                                                Zip-lock bags (all but gal. size)        

Chapstick                                                                                   Magazines for Men/Women

Shaving cream (travel size) Men and Women’s                       (Nothing offensive)

Male disposable razors (dark colors)                                  Disposable Cameras

Eye drops, Ear drops and cough drops                              Toilet paper (travel size)

Bug Spray (OFF Deep Woods towelettes)


Food, Snack items


Tuna, Vienna sausages, sardines, etc (small cans)            Dry powder drink mixes (small or individual)

 Jelly (small/no glass)                                                               Any type small can goods

Tea bags (all varieties), coffee packs/bags (indiv.)

Fruit snacks (Roll-ups, raisins, dried fruits (small)             Last but not least because there is NEVER

Peanuts, trail mix, etc (small packs)                                      enough:  Slim Jims/Beef Jerky


Of Northern Ohio

Care Package Facility

4932 Hossler Dr.   N. Canton, OH  44720

Ph/Fax: 330-497-7628

Cell: 440-454-2956   

usoarmory@yahoo.com      www.usocleveland.org