Rolling Thunder �, Inc. Chapter 8 Medina, OH 44256



President:  Becky Blackmore
Vice Pres:  John Hohne                                                    
Secretary:  Dick Bigler                                                                     
Treasurer:  Gloria Richards                                   
Chairman: Cindy Peters
Sargent at Arms: T.J. Farris


Board of Directors                

Matt Blackburn                                         
Frank Martine                                   
Robert Hawk
Joe Szucs
Jerry Haumschild
Don Wilson


Alt. Board

 Ed Staats

If you move or change your address it is your responsibility as a chapter member to notify the chapter of this. I know for a few of our members the only contact they have outside of chapter meetings or events with the chapter is the newsletter. We can not keep you informed if you do not inform us of a change in your phone number or address.  Each mailing of the newsletter you receive all of the officers and board members phone numbers so pick one and make a call when your information changes.